Learn more about our scalable pricing

You can choose and buy the best packet according to your budget from our system. Because the lower packets bring lower and higher packets bring higher profits, we recommend you to choose the packets on your profit aims.
From 0.002 BTC
for 575 GH/s
From 0.02 BTC
for 5.754 TH/s
The most preferred
From 0.2 BTC
for 58.23 TH/s
From 1 BTC
for 306.478 TH/s
All you to know about our pricing

Two things are need to be known about our pricing system: You can deposit from 0.002 to 15 BTC with us.
Minimum of Deposit 0.002 BTC
Daily Profit Forever up to 10%
+%10 extra referral power
100 GH/s for free
up to 10% daily profit