How our affiliate program works.

At Kenzy our affliliate program is simple. We give you a percentage of your referrals profit for FREE! They loose nothing and you gain more profit. There is no limits to the amount of people you can refer to us.

Referral levels, whats that? We offer referral levels to ensure you make as much profit from your referrals as possible. With your Level 1 and Level 2 referrals offering you the most profit. These referral levels are the people who you have referred to our website (Level 1 Referrals) and the people who they have referred to our website (Level 2 Referrals).

But what about Level 3 referrals? Your Level 3 referrals are the referrals that your Level 2 referrals have invited to our website, so you can make profit with ease. You make profit for your referrals, referring people to our website and so on.
Level 1
7% Bonus
Level 2
2% Bonus
Level 3
1% Bonus
+%10 extra referral power
100 GH/s for free
up to 10% daily profit